I will also need to know the names of the pet(s), breed (if
applicable), if you have a preference for size or paper color, and
if there are any additional subjects in the portrait.  I will also need
your name and address to ship the final piece.

**For gifts, please order at least one month ahead of time.  
For December Holiday orders, please place your order at
least 3 months ahead of time to guarantee it will be done in

Cartoon drawings take approximately 4 weeks to complete.  
Realistic portraits take up to 6 months or longer.  It may also vary
depending on how many portraits I am currently working on.  You
are entitled to contact me regarding your portrait's progress at
any time.  Please let me know if you need it by a particular date
when placing an order.  

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"I commissioned Jamie to do
a portrait of my friend Kristin's
dog Sigmund who had
passed away. I can't express
how much delight we all get
from seeing Sigmund's image
hanging on her living room
wall. Thank you Jamie for
capturing him so perfectly."
--Barb E.
I require at least 5 good pictures of your pet.  High-resolution images are best and more photos
are better than too few.  I'd like to see views of the subject from all sides.  This is especially
important if your pet has asymmetrical markings.

Please select your photos carefully.  The better the photo, the better the final product.  The
best photos show multiple views of your dog and are taken from close range.  Outdoor photos
are best as you're unlikely to have glowing eyes and the natural lighting shows your pet's color
best without the flash washing things out.

Photos should also be taken at your pet's level.  Not from above or below him as pictures taken
at this angle will distort your animal's appearance and are difficult to work from.

Ideally, photos should be ones you have taken yourself.  If the only good photographs of your
pet that you have were taken by a professional photographer, I would like written permission
from them to use their images (they're artists too, after all!).

If you do not have access to high-quality images of a friend's pet, a gift certificate may be a
better option.

I'd also like to know a bit about your pet.  Are they silly or serious?  Is there a particular toy or
activity they enjoy?  This type of insight is especially helpful with the cartoon portraits as it
helps me capture who your pet is!