I have been fascinated with drawing all of my life.  I can't think of a time in my youth
when I didn't have a pencil in hand and paper to draw on.  My favorite subjects to
draw were always animals; especially dogs!

In school, art was always my favorite subject.  I took the advanced art class in junior
high and continued studying art through high school.  I received my degree in
Applied Media Arts with a concentration in animation from Edinboro University of PA.  
Despite my major, I've always enjoyed creating photorealistic art as well as cartoons.  
Colored pencils have always been my medium of choice though I enjoy dabbling in
marker and acrylic paints also.  My newest love is photography and I enjoy trying to
capture an animal's personality on 'film' as much as I do on paper.

Along with drawing, I enjoy training my own dog and teaching others how to train
theirs.  I also compete in various dog sports with my 12-year old mixed breed, Risa.  
In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering for various organizations and I foster dogs for
several rescues.
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